AR-CPS IBMS Specialist | MT-496

AR-CPS IBMS Specialist | MT-496

30 oct
Coca-Cola HBC
Buenos Aires

30 oct

Coca-Cola HBC

Buenos Aires

Job Summary: Describe the purpose of your job in 2-3 sentences. What do you do and why do you do it? Complete this section as if you were writing a newspaper ad for your job.

- Guide all areas to ensure a relevant and up-to-date Integrated Management System is implemented, in order to warranty consistent top-quality products and services, while assuring sustainability and compliance with Corporate and external requirements and local regulation.

- Be as a reference source regarding KORE requirements and influence all areas to ensure their compliance.

- Lead Argentina’s Control of changes and Document Control programs, and support non-conformance management and risk assessments and sustain the continual improvement culture.

- Lead the internal audits process to ensure that the operation meets international standards and requirements of the Company.

- Support Food Safety and allergen programs in Argentina plant, ensuring program effectiveness and that all relevant personnel are aware of the food safety policy and their contribution to its effectiveness.

- Monitor the performance and identify challenges of the Integrated Management System, and effectively convey this to Management, supporting Management Review preparation and internal communications, to gain their support and ensure continual improvement is achieved.

- Key Duties/Responsibilities: Briefly describe the primary duties/responsibilities of your job in 5-8 bullet points. Please list these duties in order of importance and include the percentage of time spent or required for each activity.

Coordinate the following integrated programs: internal audits, continuous improvement, control of documents, control of changes.

Assure implementation of Corporate Quality and Food Safety Requirements (KORE) and new changes that may impact the system. Influence the organization to comply with IBMS culture: Internal Audit, Continual Improvement, Document Control, ISO 9001, FSSC 22000 and coordinate with ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 17025. Monitor and verify appropriate use of continual improvement tools, especially Quality Notifications. Develop and maintain other ISO standard’s tools such as: Context Analysis, Stakeholders Analysis, SWOT Analysis. Develop a tailored Internal Audit program for the plant, and the effectiveness and relevance of audits. Train Argentine group of internal auditors and measure its performance. Analyze trends. Conduct internal audits in the operation including GMP and Food Defense Audits. Maintain, update and support the software in use:

EtQ Reliance for Document Control & Change Management for Argentina. Also, support the users in their queries. Grant access to new users and ensure they are properly trained to use the system. Lead transition and compliance with new versions of standards. Support external audits process: coordinate audit plans with external auditors and support local auditees during audits. Elaborate, coordinate and follow up the corrective action plan to external audit findings in coordination with Sustainability area. Support food safety teams (food safety, food fraud and food defense): support food safety teams, ensure training and education of team members, maintain and update food safety management system, report the effectiveness and suitability of the food safety management system, review legal requirements.

Help on management of local (FSSC 22000) and FSMA standards. Awareness of new trends and industry standards. Ensure allergen requirements implementation in the plant, as part of food safety management system program, review allergens in new products, design validations, train associates. Manage local law and FSMA requirements. Coordinate and follow up impact evaluation process of changes to be introduced in the plant, including new projects. Identify safety, food safety, environmental and quality risks and/or opportunities, and apply problem solving tools to ensure conformance and continuous improvement of processes. Ensure the organizational knowledge maintenance. Evaluate the effectiveness and establish necessary corrective action to deviation to IBMS.

Contribute to the continuous improvement of the processes sharing innovative ideas and recommendations. Open and conduct corrective action brainstorms and problem solving to deviations identified. Deploy Root Cause Analysis Methodology among different areas. Conduct BBS observations.

Financial/Job Scope: Identify quantitative factors for your job, such as volume, annual budget, customer contacts (i.e., # of bottlers, customers, etc.), and other major indicators of the scope and complexity of your job.

- 700 internal documents in EtQ Reliance

- 100 Quality Notifications/year

- 30 control of changes/year

- 20 internal auditors – 7 internal audits/year

Organization Impact/Influence: Indicate the nature and level of your contacts within and outside the Company,

as well as the nature and purpose of the interaction.

- Corporate GAO, for external audits

- Certification Bodies, when necessary

- CPS Document control meeting: bimonthly meetings

- Food Safety meeting, monthly

- Food Fraud and Food Defense, every three months

- Continuous improvement meeting, monthly

- Mangement of change, weekly

- Management review, every two months (Food Safety and Quality meetings)

Supervisory Responsibilities: List the number and type (full-time, part-time, contract) of your direct reports; indicate the extent of your involvement in supervision including hiring, conducting performance reviews, and terminations as well as team leadership, coordination of work assignments and other indirect supervision. Please attach a copy of your current organization chart, if available.

Coordinate that all areas comply with quality and food safety management system, KORE requirements and international standards.

Related Job Requirements/Qualifications: List the skills needed to successfully perform your job, including the number of years and type of previous work experience. Please do not describe your own skills and experience, rather it should be the minimum amount required to perform the job.

Have worked at least 3 years in plant or other food plant, to know processes and their relationships and to coordinate different work teams.

KORE requirements

Knowledge of Concentrate Manufacturing Processes

Quality Management

Knowledge on Quality Systems (ISO standards) and GMP.

Internal Auditor

Planning and Organizing

Accepting and Building Accountability

Acting with Integrity

Communicating Effectively

Abilities to conduct teams and communicate with all departments

Decision Making


Thinking Systemically

Influence others

Planning abilities


Team work

Problem solving

Understanding the Business

Focus on Results

Educational Requirements: Indicate the minimum education level required to perform the job.

Complete Graduation in Chemistry or Food Chemistry / Food Science.

Auditor Course, recommendable.

At least intermediate level in English to contact Corporate, other plants, read KORE requirements, and receive external audits.

Cultural Diversity: Please describe any language, ethnic or culture differences you face in your job. List any supervisory or Company spokesperson responsibilities you have in a non-U.S. location.

- Relationship with other CPS plants, especially America´s ones.

- Relationship with external and internal auditors.

- Participation in conferences or seminars.

Analysis: Describe the types of problems you must solve to successfully perform your job. Is the process well defined, or must you develop new approaches to solve these problems?

Balance responsibilities management with operational tasks. Problem solving through Corrective Action program and Control of changes involve different areas. It includes negotiation with other departments. Lead programs standardization and implementation under a virtual environment with Areas different to QSE.

Judgment and Decision-Making: Describe the nature and impact of decisions required in your job. Distinguish between recommendations you make to someone else and decisions where you have final authority. Indicate your involvement (if any) with ABP and OBP development and execution.

- Approval of documents at plant level and opinion at CPS level.

- Corrective/Preventive actions

- Action Plans for external audit findings

- Create documents for the organization

- Food safety system administration, PCC findings, either FSSC 22000 or FSMA

- Food fraud and food defense management system administration

Working Conditions: Describe the risk of exposure to hazards in performing your job, and the types of hazards you face.

Risks from a Concentrate plant

Work in an office and audits on the manufacturing center

Travel Requirements: Indicate the annual percent of time that your job requires overnight travel or day trips. Please include the nature and geographic scope of your travel requirements.

Less than 5%

Additional Information: Please provide any additional information that you did not include in any of the above sections that would aid in ensuring that this job description represents an accurate and complete picture of the job.


Leadership; Environmental Science; Researching; Analytical Chemistry; Laboratory Analysis; Communication; Root Cause Analyses; Food Safety and Sanitation; Laboratory Equipment; Sensory Evaluation; Environmental Compliance; Quality Control (QC); Green Solutions; Data Collections; Continuous Improvement (CI)

Our Purpose and Growth Culture: We are taking deliberate action to nurture an inclusive culture that is grounded in our company purpose, to refresh the world and make a difference. We act with a growth mindset, take an expansive approach to what’s possible and believe in continuous learning to improve our business and ourselves. We focus on four key behaviors – curious, empowered, inclusive and agile – and value how we work as much as what we achieve. We believe that our culture is one of the reasons our company continues to thrive after 130+ years. Visit Our Purpose and Visionto learn more about these behaviors and how you can bring them to life in your next role at Coca-Cola.We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class. When we collect your personal information as part of a job application or offer of employment, we do so in accordance with industry standards and best practices and in compliance with applicable privacy laws.

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