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Work Area: Customer Service and Support
Expected Travel: 0 – 30%
Career Status: Professional
Employment Type: Regular Full Time

As market leader in enterprise application software, SAP helps companies of
all sizes and industries innovate through simplification. From the back office
to the boardroom, warehouse to storefront, on premise to cloud, desktop to
mobile device – SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more
efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the
competition. SAP applications and services enable customers to operate
profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably.
A Technical Quality Manager (TQM) works for Premium Engagement customers, such
as SAP MaxAttention or SAP Active Embedded. The aim of this role is to give
customers a long term relationship with better access to SAP for topics
related to operation and adopting innovation in their SAP centric solutions.
The TQM drives that the right services out of the SAP portfolio of proactive
and reactive support services are delivered at the right point in time. The
TQM also acts as a link to all relevant SAP departments and the SAP Partners
for all phases of the customer lifecycle.
The exact scope of a Premium Engagement is defined in a contract and
additional agreements are made during the regular alignment meetings between
the customer, the Engineering Architect, the TQMs and the SAP Account team.
The TQM needs to understand and has to work with several areas of a customer
Customer IT Department
Usually the IT department is the main driver inside a customer organization
for the Premium Engagement. The TQM has therefore to closely work with and
understand the needs of the main stakeholders in the IT department. In the IT
department also typically the project leads are located, which are main
contact partners for Premium Engagements supporting implementation or
maintenance projects.
Customer Business Departments
To deliver value in the Premium Engagement the TQM has to understand the
underlying business requirements of a customer. This includes understanding
the “real-live” business of the customer with its requirements coming from the
customer’s customers, the competitive market situation, the partner eco-system
and the requirements of the end users.
Customer Purchasing Department
To make sure the customer sees value in the engagement and will continue the
engagement, the TQM also needs to understand why the customer has signed the
Premium Engagement Contract.
The TQM can be a generalist with a strong technical background to organize
support for the customer, or a specialist to support customers in particular
areas directly or a mixture of both.
Career Level Summary
On career Level “Senior” the TQM works typically on complex customer software
solutions with one or few projects. He or she can work independently in this
environment and takes the required steps to involve SAP Backoffice functions
when needed. The Senior TQM identifies areas where the AGS engagement can add
value to the customer IT and business departments and aligns these with the
Engineering Architect and SAP Account team.
Larger service plans and support programs such as Engineering Services are
aligned directly with customer senior management successfully and the Senior
TQM is proficient in communication with CIOs (or equivalent) of medium size
Technical evaluation and documentation of customer situation
The Senior TQM gets a detailed understanding of the customer situation,
including solution landscape, core business processes, interfaces, critical
projects and top issues and makes sure they are documented in the SAP Solution
The Senior TQM is able to understand and judge importance of all issues raised
and recommendations given in SAP AGS Services and can execute follow-up if
necessary. He or she is able to quickly adopt technology and application
knowledge required for holistic support of the customer solution. For general
SAP technology and application questions he or she can give an answer
directly. For more specific topics evaluation and solution is driven by the
Senior TQM in cooperation with the CoE.
Identification of risks and top issues
Identification of technical risks and top issues.
Ensure resolution of issues and top issues according to engagement
Create an action plan for resolution of the customer‘s issues and top issues.
Involve SAP Backoffice organization, SAP experts, as well as experts from the
customer and partners.
Drive the execution of action plans for customers issues and top issues by
coordinating the involvement of required SAP experts, as well as experts from
the customer and partners onsite and remote during service delivery and root
cause analysis activities
Decide about escalation of critical situations at the appropriate time to the
appropriate organization, such as AGS Mission Critical Support, SAP AGS senior
management, or the SAP Account Team.
Execution of the Engagement Plan
Execution of the “Engagement Plan” to safeguard and optimize projects and
Quality Management for Implementation or Upgrade Projects
Analysis of system landscape and technical issues
Technical analysis of core business processes for all applications
Ensure test management is implemented according to SAP Standards
Evaluation of the project plan
Quality Management for Business Continuity
Align necessary actions with customer for business continuity according to SAP
Best Practices
Ensure setup and training of customer for Root Cause Analysis
Drive establishment of system monitoring procedures as well as monitoring of
business process and interfaces
Provide support to manage data volumes to control business data growth
Business process monitoring and exception handling
Quality Management for Business Process Improvement
Identify top issues and improvement potential for the areas of
System landscape
Business processes
Implementation of the Business Process in the Solution Landscape (incl. SAP
and non- SAP applications).
Drive implementation of the improvements found
Quality Management for Protection of investment
Develop/Validate master plan for IT-landscape strategy
Release and enhancement package strategy
Avoid and minimize custom code / Ensures custom code is documented
Make sure upgrade projects are executed according to SAP standards and support
customer analyzing impact of custom code for upgrades
Ensures change management control and request processes are implemented
according to SAP standards
All of the above quality management actions include review of services
delivered by SAP as part of the engagement, as well as technical analysis in
the customer systems and discussions with main stakeholders from the customer
or partner organizations and other SAP lines of business. Reviewing the
success of actions done by the customer, SAP partners, and all SAP departments
and adaption of the action and support plan is also included.
Management of service and action plan
Define a service plan based on customer’s project plan and top issues in
accordance with the contract situation.
The Senior TQM knows the relevant SAP delivery portfolio and finds the best
possible way to deliver effectively for maximizing the customer value and
increasing SAP delivery efficiency. This includes making use of remote
delivery and delivery via other support contracts the customer, such as
Enterprise Support and aligning the service plan well in advance with the SAP
delivery organizations.
Align service plan with customer: The Senior TQM is able to react on short
term needs for the customer and can also propose a long term plan to the
customer to proactively avoid issues.
Prepare the customer contacts for upcoming service delivery
Prepare Remote and On-site teams with customer specific information
Operations and Innovation Control Centers and Engineering Services delivery
The goal of engagements is to implement and improve operations and bringing
innovations without disruption into the customer landscape and processes. This
is done best via installing Operations and Innovation Control Centers (OCC and
ICC) at a customer, which are supported by the Mission Control Center, located
at SAP.
Several Engineering Services exist to support ICCs and OCCs at a customer.
If a Senior TQMdelivers in an AGS Engineering Service as TQM, he or she brings
in subject matter expertise and can execute some of the activities.
Engineering services are delivered as a project. Therefore, the Engineering
Service Senior TQM knows all principles of project management, ideally is a
certified as project manager, and is driving scope definition. He or she
ensures a consistent work stream (instead of single services), that include
delivery by other experts, the customer and own activities. The Senior
Engineering Services TQM also drives the integration to other work streams at
the same customer.
Establish SAP Solution Manager as collaboration platform
The Senior TQM establishes the SAP Solution Manager as a collaboration
platform for
-Developing and driving detailed engagement plans
-Maintaining Service and action plans
-Measurement of KPIs agreed with the customer
-Executing and controlling projects in particular for AGS Engineering Services
-This includes showing the benefit of the Solution Manager as well as giving guidance on how to make the Solution Mana

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